篇名: HPLC法测定不同产地甘草中光甘草定的含量
摘要: 目的:建立测定甘草中光甘草定含量的方法,并对不同产地甘草中光甘草定的含量进行测定。方法:采用高效液相色谱法。色谱柱为 Inertsil ODS,流动相为乙腈-0.05%磷酸(梯度洗脱),流速为0.8 ml/min,检测波长为280 nm,柱温为35 ℃,进样量为20 μl。结果:光甘草定的检测进样量线性范围为0.906~18.12 μg/ml(r=0.999 7);精密度、稳定性、重复性试验的RSD<3%;加样回收率为98.73%~101.90%,RSD=1.25%(n=6)。不同产地甘草中光甘草定的含量差异明显。结论:该方法操作简单、精密度高、结果准确,可用于甘草中光甘草定的含量测定。
ABSTRACT: OBJECTIVE:To establish a method for the content determination of glabridin in Clycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma from different regions. METHODS:HPLC was performed on the column of Inertsil ODS-SP with mobile phase of acetonitrile-0.05% phosphoric acid (gradient elution) at a flow rate of 0.8 ml/min, detection wavelength was 280 nm, the column temperature was 35 ℃, and the injection volume was 20 μl. RESULTS: The linear range of glabridin was 0.906-18.12 μg/ml(r=0.999 7), RSDs of precision, stability and reproducibility tests were lower than 3%; recovery was 98.73%-101.90%(RSD=1.25%,n=6). There were obvious differences among the glabridin contents in G. uralensis from different regions. CONCLUSIONS:The method is simple and accurate with high precision, and can be used for the content determination of glabridin in Clycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma.
期刊: 2016年第27卷第6期
作者: 胡新华,陈玩珊,袁劲松
AUTHORS: HU Xinhua,CHEN Wanshan,YUAN Jinsong
关键字: 高效液相色谱法;甘草;不同产地;光甘草定;含量测定
KEYWORDS: HPLC; Clycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizoma; Different regions; Glabridin; Content determination
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